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club_anakim's Journal

Club Anakim: Gaming in the Anakim Universe
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A collaborative roleplaying environment set in the GM's novelverse.
This community is meant as a forum for both plotted and free-form roleplay in the GM's novelverse. The world, NPCs and all game concepts are the property of the author. Characters are the property of their players, and any crossover genres that characters bring into play are the property of their creators. That said, the premise is simple:

What if a connection was discovered between all superhuman beings? One single, undeniable thread of commonality that explained the origins of everything from the vampire in one's neighborhood to one's own precognitive dreams? What if someone was out to hunt all of these superhuman beings due to this common thread? And what if your character suddenly found her or himself on their hit list?

A call has gone out, and a warning, to all characters playing in this game: the Adamites are after you. "We" can help. Havens exist for superhumans and supernaturals just like you, and we can guide you to one of them. Who are we? We'll gladly tell you...once you prove that we can trust you. Meanwhile, here are the resources and information you will need to make the journey and keep in touch with us. Good luck...

Club Anakim is an R-rated game with mature subjects, intended for those who can handle such concepts without pitching a fit, acting crazy or getting me in trouble with Mom and Dad because you turn out to be thirteen. (D8) Please use your own discretion before applying.

Applications and game rules can be read about and posted here.

Cast of Characters is here.

Contact the GM here.

Obligatory OOC thread is here.