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Miriam Neiman

The Rules, and How to Apply

Here are the rules. They are fairly straightforward.

1. You must apply and be accepted BEFORE you start playing.

2. No flaming, no wank, no idiotic wars springing up between players because of pretendy-fun-times.

3. The mod has the final say in cases of otherwise unresolvable conflict.

4. Follow the basic rules of good roleplay: don't godmode, don't try to kill/maim/render all or partly unplayable someone's character without their express permission, and play well with others. Take complaints to me if you can't resolve any issues privately. Don't plagiarize or steal. Generally: don't be a douche.

5. OCs are welcome, including ones from other fandoms. What is not OK are Mary Sues and overpowered characters--even if they are canon. Examples of canon overpowered characters would include, oh...Sylar, Peter Petrelli, Phoenix, Superman...anyone with totally game-bending levels of power. If you can find a way to make one of these guys less breaky, I will consider them along with everyone else.

6. If I EVER catch you stalking/harassing another character (or me), you will not only be out--you will be out with your ass on fire.

7. Players are encouraged to plot amongst themselves or with me. I am happy to fill desired storylines or help you find people who will (within reason, of course). I will also have a main storyline and several monster-of-the-week style challenges available to keep players entertained.

Please post your answers below, as well as any questions regarding the rules or the application process.

1. What is your name/nickname/handle, age, and contact information (at least an email address)?

2. Please post or link me to the best bio you have found on your character. If your character is AU in any way, please include the ways in which she or she varies from canon.

3. What are your favorite things about playing this character, and about roleplaying in general? What gets you fired up?

4. What parts of roleplaying bore or annoy you (besides filling out character applications)?

5. What kind of plots would you like to run? Any specific ones? Anything geared toward specific PCs/NPCs?

6. How do you imagine your character will interact with the other characters and NPCs?

7. Are there any other characters you might want to bring into the game?

8. OK—instead of a writing sample, post the above answers, and if your character looks like a good fit, we’ll do an introductory thread to make sure, and then--you're off and running!
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