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Flight and Fight (for Ivey, Juraj)

Las Vegas, Nevada sat in the middle of the desert, and every town for miles around was the same: chaparral and rosemary bushes, dust and heat. The tiny town where Ivey's bus had made its stopover was thirty miles outside Las Vegas; the sun beat down on the buildings, the gas station and tiny gift shop, so merciless that stepping inside an air-conditioned space chilled the layer of sweat on one's body and caused a good minute of shivering by sheer contrast.

Miriam had landed the black Cessna at a small airfield ten miles out of town, and promptly hot-wired a car to get her and Juraj to the gift shop in what she hoped would be on time. "Sorry about this," she said jokingly as she fiddled with the sedan's wires. "Look at me, nasty old woman corrupting the young with my criminal ways...no helping it, though. There's a group of Adamites heading out from Las Vegas as we speak, and they have a bloody head start!"

Stopped by a passing train about halfway there, she immediately got on the telephone to try and reach Ivey.
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