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Tea and Weirdness Sandwiches (open to sanctuary folk)

Daimon sat back in one of the kitchen chairs with a sigh. Tea was on, along with sandwiches that did not involve pretzels--mostly. Lia was still in the cupboard, but at least now the door was open.

He was on the phone with someone. "Yes...no...two more coming? Good, I was worried we'd lost a few. No, no, Jake's taking a rental. That will be one more. No, I don't think we'll run out of rooms. Lia's been borrowing mine and she'll be going back home this evening." He sighed. "Look, are you sure about this, Miriam? Going off with only your weapons and one unknown as backup? All right, all right, I'll quiet down on it. Just be careful." He hung up with a sigh, then went back to the rooms to see if anyone wanted tea.
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