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Going on an adventure for ezra_el

She’s not sure when exactly it happened, but at some point during the evening, someone had slipped an envelope under her door. Eventually noticing it, she’d peek out into the hallway. She no one was there, she would snatch it up, mildly surprised to find it wasn’t the typical paper, but a heavier stuff, maybe parchment? She makes no hesitation in ripping it open. Inside there was a key, which she spilled into her palm, and a note, also written on the heavier material. She looks over the note, brow furrowing as she attempted to decipher it. The key is for the moment forgotten. She shuffles back to her bed, still staring in befuddlement at the paper in her hands. Her first instinct was to think that this was some sort of joke. Whatever was written was in no language that she had ever come across. She reads through the note several times, lips moving silently as she tried to make sense of what was written there. Slowly, the letters began swim into focus, rearranging themselves in a way that was starting to make sense to her. A little while later she would be able to make out what it said completely.
"Dear Miss Ivey: I'm so very sorry to be contacting you like this. But I can't be there to warn you in person. Please take this note and keep it with you. This is very important because I'm afraid your life is about to get very chaotic.
"There are people after you. Dangerous people. They want you for the talent that allows you to read this letter. They are very ruthless, and they will hurt you badly to get what they want. My advice to you is to pack up your things, go to Grand Central Station, open the locker that goes to this key, and check this note again. Do this quickly and they will not catch you.
"Do not be afraid! Be brave, think hard and move fast. You are not going to die today. I will help you as much as I can against those pursuing you. --Ezra"

What in the hell did that mean? Why would somebody be after her? And how did this Ezra person know about her? These and a million other questions raced through her mind. For now, she tosses the note and key on the little nightstand beside the bed and tries to watch a little TV. It goes well enough for a little while, but she keeps glancing at the note. Unable to help herself, she picks it up and reads through it once more. Go to Grand Central Station... Well, she didn’t exactly have anything better to do. No, it was probably a bad idea. Then again, “probably” was no guarantee... That settles it; she had to go. She quickly stuffs what few things had actually made it out of her backpack back in, folding up the note and slipping it into her back pocket. It doesn’t take her long to check out, and then she’s heading to the train station. Tracking down the correct locker, she opens it to find a phone which he shoves into her pocket without much interest, and more money than she’s ever seen in real life. This quickly disappears into her backpack after a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching. She pulls out the note and scribbles a reply in the same language with a pen she found in the bottom of her bag.
At Grand Central, found the locker. What do I do now?
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