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For bringitalldown: They Ain't Gettin' My Brother.

Jake Lancaster leaned against the Deathmobile and made one of the most important phone calls of his life. There was the phone call to the hospital when Marie died, there was the call to the recruiters--and there was this phone call. The black panel truck with its utility compartments and ton of weird occult shit was solid at his back; Danica had taken a walk for a smoke and to give him a minute.

Jesse was one of the only guys from the gang he ever actually missed. Maybe it was because he was a basically stand-up guy who had a lot in common with Jake, and had never screwed him, big or small. Even if they hadn't been gang brothers, he owed the man this call.

The phone rang a few times before it picked up. "Jesse? Dude. It's me, Jake. I'm back. No, no, not back-back, but I'm in the States! Look, we gotta talk. There's really good news and really shitty news, and I need to get you both PDQ, ya feel me?"
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